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d3RPG – Mind, Body and Spirit

Welcome back! This week’s d3RPG post is all about Attributes. Unlike other games you’re probably familiar with that have six major Attributes, d3RPG continues the theme of threes, and has just three Attributes for Mind, Body and Spirit.

Rather than recreating material from scratch for the sake of a blog post, I thought it would be easier just to give you the entire chapter on Attributes (as it currently stands, at least).

Although the following text, and indeed my signoff in the previous article, alludes to Skills as well, we’ll be keeping that for our next blog entry, instead.

So without further ado, here’s Chapter Two.


Chapter 2 – Attributes

Each character has three Attributes – Mind, Body and Spirit. Each of these Attributes is associated with three Skills. These Attributes and Skills are the “core” of your character.



Attributes represent the reality of who a character is. Although they will increase as you adventure, they are not something that is “trained” as such. Rather, they are innate to the individual.

Mind is a representation of your mental abilities. If your Mind score ever drops to zero, you are mindless, insane, or otherwise incapable of directing your own actions. If left to your own devices, you will likely die soon. Probably from doing something as dumb as walking off a well-signposted cliff.

Body is a measure of your physical prowess. If your Body score every drops to zero, you are unconscious. Death is also probably not far away, but likely not of your own doing.

Spirit represents the weight of your presence in the universe. If your Spirit score is reduced to zero, you have succumbed to ennui or have otherwise given up hope of making it through the struggle that is life. Although you’re unlikely to seek out danger, you are equally unlikely to attempt to avoid danger that comes your way. Again, death is likely.


Attribute Values

Each Attribute has a Maximum Value (MV), and a Current Value (CV). Your Maximum value will increase over time as you spend Points on your Attributes. Your Current Value will drop over time as you suffer injuries to your mind, body and spirit. If your Current Value for an Attribute drops to certain levels, there can be major effects:

CV = 0 or more – you may be injured, but you cannot allow yourself to give up. Hold your ground, and fight! Or run. Running is sometimes a valid action.

CV = 0 – you are incapacitated. See the Attributes section above for an explanation of what this may mean. You are incapable of taking any actions of your own volition, except to Stabilize on your next turn (see below).

CV = -1 – you are on the verge of suffering permanent consequences. Your mind may be about to shatter into fragments, your blood flee from your body, or your spirit giving up and returning to whatever it is that makes up the universe. You are incapable of taking any actions of your own volition, except to Stabilize on your next turn (see below).

CV = -2 or lower – with the last fragments of your broken body, fractured mind and failing will, you take an IMMEDIATE action to Stabilize. If you succeed, your Current Value increases by 1 point (eg, from -2 to -1). If you fail, you have succumbed to your injuries and trauma. You are dead. Roll up a new character!



While there may be many ways to recover from damage – including spells, magical items, and good-old mundane medical attention – there is one that is always available to you, and that is to draw upon your own reserves to Stabilize.

Stabilizing allows you to increase the CV of one of your attributes by 1, and is capped at a CV of 1 (ie – you may only attempt a Stabilize Test if your Attribute CV is 0 or less). To make a Stabilize test, roll 3d3!1, and add the benefit of your Perks (if any apply to the situation).

A Stabilize test is always made against a Target of 10.


Example: Gregory the Knight has suffered a grievous wound and has a Body CV of 0. He falls to the ground. On Gregory’s turn, he uses his full action to roll a Stabilize check. He has the Great Fortutide Perk, allowing him to add +1 to his Body Stabilize checks.

Gregory rolls (3 [+1] + 3 [+1] + 1) on the dice, for a total of 9. Adding his +1 for Great Fortitude brings him to 10.

Gregory increases his Body CV to 1, shakily climbs to his feet, and raises his sword in defiance against his foe.

Sir Gregory stands before his foe, defiant despite his grievous wounds.

Next Time

Next week, I’ll have an article about Skills (I promise). From there, I can tell you a little about Perks. And while there will still be a lot (a LOT lot) missing from the overall picture, you should then have enough information to know whether d3RPG is something that is of interest to you, or if it’s not really your kettle of fish – which is perfectly fine!

Hopefully we’ll see you coming back for more, though. Let me know what else you’d like to see in future articles. Character creation? Sure. Levelling up? Classes? (Hint: You won’t see that. There are no classes or levels in this game!) Magic? Equipment? It’s up to you!

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