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Just a super-quick post this week – although I’ve still been finding time to work on the d3RPG system, I haven’t really got anything to show for it thanks to a crazy week at work.

However – said crazy week has provided me with about 6 hours of driving, which I usually fill with podcasts (Glass Cannon, Called Shot and On The Shoulders of Dwarves are my main fodder). But this week I was all caught up with nothing to listen to. Instead, I turned to Spotify.

At some point in the past I managed to find a few extensive playlists suited to tabletop gaming:

It was while listening to this last list that I heard a track called “A Hero’s Quest” by Peter Crowley.

Before I forgot what it was I was listening to, I dove into Spotify to see if there were any other tracks from the same artist. Lo and behold, there were LOTS. I set about adding them to my queue, and what I found was perfect inspiration not only for those many hours of driving, but also for generating ideas for Perks and entire storylines in d3RPG.

My favourite album so far is probably Youtube Collection #6 – the primary source for the track I’ve already specifically called out above. However, it’s definitely worth taking the time to check out all his works – go do it now. If Spotify isn’t your cup of tea, he’s also quite active on Youtube.

While you do that, I’ll leave you with one more track which has given me some major, exciting ideas for the d3RPG setting.

Yours in Adventure,


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