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Putting a Little Sparkle in the Game

As part of the Mother’s Day haul a few weeks ago, I bought my wife a set of Unicorn Dice from The Dice Shop Online. They were a big hit! Except that we didn’t have any gaming sessions planned any time soon so she wasn’t going to get a chance to use them.

At around the same time I received my copy of Breakfast Cult, a FATE Accelerated-based game. I suggested give it a go, and my wife decided she was only going to play if she got to use her sparkly new dice. Trouble is, FATE is not a d20-based system. Instead, it uses Fudge Dice – 6-sixed dice with 2x plus, 2x minus, and 2x blank. (I have some thoughts on the FATE Accelerated system, but they’re for another day. Perhaps next week.)

So, what was I to do? I really want to get more people playing a wider variety of games – if nothing else, it makes for great research while I work on d3RPG. And I certainly didn’t want to leave my perpetually-suffering gamer-buddy (aka – my wife) out in the cold.

And so I did what any self-respecting 3d-printing geek would do – I printed some! The basic step-by-step I used was:

  • Created a simple cube in Fusion 360 and chamfered the edges
  • Exported the cube for further work in Microsoft 3D Builder (much easier to use, but far less options – including chamfering…)
  • Found a simple Unicorn icon (for the pluses) and a Poop icon (for the minuses)
  • Opened the files in 3D Builder and extruded them to create some depth
  • Arranged the icons on the relevant sides of the cube, and used the “subtract” tool to inset the icons, like a regular carved die.

Voila! A Unicorn-themed FATE/Fudge dice!

And to complete the themeing, I of course needed several different colours. A set of FATE dice requires four pieces, and I only had three colours of filament. What else was I supposed to do, except order a fourth?

The print on a couple of them didn’t turn out perfectly, but it was good enough for playing a one-shot. And the look on her face when she received them was awesome!

I’ve uploaded the file to my Thingiverse account if you’re interested in printing your own. They’re scaled to 19mm – slightly oversized for typical dice, but large enough that the icons come out cleanly.

What have you done to add a bit of extra something to your gaming sessions? Let me know!

Yours in Adventure,


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