Keeping In Touch

I’ve mentioned in the past that I’ve only got a quick update for you, but it tends to balloon out really quickly. But this week, I mean it! There’s now two ways you can make sure you keep up with the latest articles:

Firstly, you could sign up for a weekly email. There’s also a handy link right up there at the top of the page. I’ve managed to convince a horde of monkeys to stuff electronic envelopes for me, and send them out to you.

The second possibility is RSS. That’s right, there are still some of us (me, at least!) in the world who use RSS to keep up with our news sources. Just use this link in your RSS Reader of choice to subscribe.

Neither of these are going to overload your inbox or feed reader. Updates only occur when I publish a new article, and I’m having trouble staying on top of just a weekly article as it is. However, unsubscribing to either is just as simple, so you’ve really got nothing to lose – give it a go!

I’ll also try to include links at the bottom of future articles to these two channels. But you should know me by now – I’m not all that organised. It’s nothing short of a minor miracle that I’m keeping up with weekly articles as it is!

But that’s it for this week. Really!

Next week I’m away for work, so I really have no idea how I’ll go scheduling-wise. But at least now you know two different ways to make sure you keep in the loop 😉

Until then,

Yours in Adventure,


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