A Leader is needed. Now.

When the Orc tribes of the Ur-Tyr attacked, we were caught unaware. Decades of peace under the leadership of Mayor Quill had made us lax in watching the borders.

Quill died in one of the first assaults. As word of his passing got out, our defences rapidly faltered. We need new leadership to guide New Gallagher to victory.

The enemies power increases as ours dwindles. There is no time for an election. Whoever can muster the most support among the prominent townsfolk by nightfall will be Mayor.

There is no other way.

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Succession: Desperate Times is a card drafting game for 3-6 players where you are each vying to become the next Mayor of New Gallagher, under less than ideal conditions.

During play, each player will select a card from their hand and place it face down in front of them. In turn order, each player will then choose to either place a bribe on a card in front of themselves, or to reveal one of their face down cards and activate their special ability. Each player then passes their hand of cards to the left, the first player passes to the left, and the process repeats. The player with the most points when all cards have been selected becomes Mayor and wins the game.

To make Succession: Desperate Times as good as I know it can be, I need to get it into as many hands as possible. Hence, this Print and Play release. Please download, make and test, and pass it along to your friends – the more the merrier!

TableTop Simulator - Coming Soon.

  • Card Border by OokamiKasumi (CC BY 3.0).
  • Icons and imagery sourced and adapted from CC0-licenced materials.
  • Character Clipart (c) Larry Elmore (used under licence – Character Clip Art & Colour Customising Studio).