Fate Accelerated – A Primer

Last week, I briefly mentioned that I got a few members of our RPG group together to test out the Breakfast Cult setting for the Fate Accelerated system. I said that I had a few thoughts to share, and so here we are. It turns out, however, that I can’t really critique the game based […]

3D Printing Blog

Putting a Little Sparkle in the Game

As part of the Mother’s Day haul a few weeks ago, I bought my wife a set of Unicorn Dice from The Dice Shop Online. They were a big hit! Except that we didn’t have any gaming sessions planned any time soon so she wasn’t going to get a chance to use them. At around […]

Blog HexTerra

HexTerra – Sales Data Analysis

This week I’ve once again done zero with respect to game development. Sometimes life just gets in the way of all the fun stuff! But I told myself that I would try my hardest to stick to a weekly blog post, so here we are. HexTerra has now been on the market for almost exactly […]

Blog Crownfall

Crownfall – Sieze the Throne!

This week has been spent doing almost anything except game design. Taking a break is good, but it does mean that when it came time for this week’s blog, I really didn’t know what I was going to talk about. I guess it’s a good thing there’s so many ideas floating about in my head! […]

Blog d3RPG

Inspirational Audio

Just a super-quick post this week – although I’ve still been finding time to work on the d3RPG system, I haven’t really got anything to show for it thanks to a crazy week at work. However – said crazy week has provided me with about 6 hours of driving, which I usually fill with podcasts […]