The Introduction

Well, here we are. But… what is here? Why does this place exist? And why should you, dear reader, care? Possibly nowhere, possibly it shouldn’t, and possibly you don’t. But if we can address these in turn, at least you’ll know for sure.


The What

This is Crackpot Studios, the home of my various thoughts, ramblings and ideas collected as I move towards a roster of (hopefully) playable tabletop games.


The Why

I started this nascent blog so that there will be a single location I can come to in order to store my thoughts. Curently, I have no less than five tabletop and/or roleplaying game ideas floating around in my head. Some of these exist in a playable state, some are jotted down on paper – both physical and digital – and some exist nowhere but between my too-busy synapses.

You see, between a 40-hour-a-week job, several children, a business, a crippling and debilitating Pathfinder RPG addiction, and an unhealthy interest in my unfortunately-small 3D printer, I really don’t have the mental space to keep the gaming forge running without some help. You might also be picking up on a clue or two regarding the origin of the name for this little enterprise.

And so we are here. A space where I can – with luck – record ideas, playtesting sessions, and design notes in an easily-searchable, non-losable way.


The Caring

So in the end, do you care? Should you care? Probably not. I’m not a designer really – I have no prior products. I’m not a writer, so you probably won’t find wonderfully poignant reading material. But I can’t really answer that for you. All I can do is see if you stick around and read some (undoubtedly infrequent) articles. Some of them might strike a chord with you. If they do, feel free to leave a comment.


It’s me, Shane. You may know me from places such as Real Life, and other amazingly successful productions.