Project: Bounty

Status: Development Ongoing

Outline: Claim the largest bounty on Goblins, Orcs and Wyrms using a combination of Luck, Probability and good-old Take That mechanisms.


Project: d3RPG

Status: Development Ongoing

Outline: A rules-lite, setting-neutral Roleplaying Game system based on the use of 3-sided dice.


Project: Grab Words

Status: Conceptual

Outline: Think faster than your opponents to make words from your pieces as you dig deeper into the sack to find that elusive letter. Fingers and Brains must work in equal measure to be the winner.


Project: Horizons

Status: Development Ongoing

Outline: New lands bring new opportunities. Explore the newly-discovered continent, colonise the areas of richest resources, and build your forces to dominate your opponents.


Project: Crownfall

Status: Development Ongoing

Outline: The King has fallen, and left no clear line of succession. Outmanoeuvre your rival, capture the claimant, and take the Crown for yourself.


Project: Text Tile

Status: Conceptual

Outline: Tic-Tac-Toe meets Scrabble.


Project: 3D Printing

Status: Not really a project…

Outline: Not a single product or concept as such, but a collection of all things 3D printing that I’ve been working on. Some relate to other projects, and some are more generic.